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Builder Floors in South Delhi

Builder Floors in South Delhi

Why Builder Floor in South Delhi is Better Option for Residence than Large Society Community Leaving?


Design Quality and Space:   

 The Builder Floors in South Delhi are Built by individual Small developers on small piece of land consisting of 100 square yards to 1000 sq yards with quality raw materials and Design ,The area Constructed is much lessor in sq feet than community or large society . The quality of construction in Indipendent Builder floors is much higher due to micro level monitoring of raw materials and Indipendent handling of project

 Where as in Large scale gated community society such as  DDA and big developers, Multiple agency and companies are involved for the development of project which sometimes becomes difficult to maintain the same quality of raw materials and delivery standard of fixtures and construction.The Buyer also pays for the Common space used by the community such as parking,garden,cycling,pool,gym etc hence the actual space used for the recidence is much less as compared to the Builder Floors.

The Buyer is paying more for the common area available within the premises where as this facilities are easily available within the geogrophical area  as per  Government Town Plan.There are professionaly managed Health club , large parks,swimming pools and markets easily availble within 10 minutes drive in South Delhi.

Building Management & Operations: 

Its Easier to manage the common facilities and day to day operations of the building in Builder floors as there are limited number of Flats for example 4 to 10 maximum depending on the plot size .

Where as in large society and Community its always a challenge as some flats are vacant ,some owners are not contactable,  common area maintenance charges not getting collected,Regular change in the society management structure all this effects the proper functioning of the building and the people staying in the premises are effected by unoccupied occupants or unsold inventory of the Society.


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