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How to choose real estate agency service ?

a)NAP VERIFICATION (name adress phone Number common in Multiple Digital Displays)

b)Geographicaly Accessable  for Multiple  property Showarounds in short notice

C)Trust Your Agent

where can i find  Agency services ?

a)Inernet Websites,Portals

b)Through Old Reference Or Common Contact

c)Physically visit the Intrested areas and source Local Real estate Agents having Brick & Mortar Showrooms and Office.

what does Real estate Agency do?

a)Help in Finding the Right Place in Right Price with some Service Charges Pre-Discussed

b)Provide Legal and Documentation Support

c)Registrations and Rent Agreements Execution

How do i Rent Apartment for short stay?

a)Via Air B&B

b)Personal Research

c)We do Have Lots of Options you can Check Here

what is commercial real estate?

How much comission or brokerage to pay for renting services?

How much comission or Brokerage for buying and selling of property?

What is Builders floor?

What is carpet area ?

What is covered Area?

Where can i make the Agreement of sale for property?

where do i do the registration of property?

How to register the leese deed?

What is the circle rate ?

Should we buy the property based on circle rate?